Why should I choose All Sun Technics products for my outdoor space?

Good question. We can give you a 6 reasons that in my opinion can convince you: First: most of our products are Made in Belgium. We design, produce and powder coat in Limburg. We are involved in every step to guarantee you a unique product in extremely fast times. Second: design and technology. It is our strong point because we invent and make beautiful products as well as technological ones. We love clean lines and we always give a unique touch. It is no coincidence that we have some of the most exclusive products on the market. Third: We invest in research and development to bring you the highest technology and safety of an efficient product. Today we have several patents! Fourth: our sales network is present throughout Belgium. So you can count on an All Sun Technics partner near you, ready to help you with any question. Fifth: we are involved in every step of your project from A to Z. Thanks to our internal technical department, even the most special project can come to life. The product is exactly how you want it, custom made, truly original. You can choose from 50 different colors and multiple roofing materials! Not to mention the accessories such as LEDs, heaters, side walls, sliding doors ... Last but not least reason for choosing All Sun Technics is our philosophy. Our goal is not only to give you a beautiful product, but also to expand your natural outdoor living space where you and your family can spend a warm evening all year round. Have we convinced you?

What is the best pergola for my home?

To help you choose the most suitable pergola for your home, we must first ask you what will be its main function? Should it be an extension of your living space? Or maybe it will be a place where you put your car under? Can it be freestanding or should it be attached to your home? We ask, because depending on your wishes, there is the most suitable All Sun Technics product. For example, if you want a place where you can spend evenings with your family, we recommend choosing a pergola attached to your house. Roofing can be done with polycarbonate or glass to meet your needs. Preferably closed with sliding glass walls and / or side walls to have a warm feeling earlier in the spring and longer in the autumn evenings. If, on the other hand, you want a more modern look, we recommend choosing a freestanding patio roof. However, it can also be attached to your home, this should be discussed with one of our partners, who will do the installation for you.
We always advise you to contact us or one of our partners to discuss the ideas and advise you on the most suitable solution!

Where and how are the All Sun Technics pergolas made?

You should know that most of our products are Made in Belgium, from design to production. Our head office is in Heusden-Zolder, province of Limburg: here we design and build all pergolas. To be precise, all production takes place in the factory, which is split into two sections: a production section and a powder coating section for a total of 2000 square meters. We like to call ourselves a company that knows how to combine unique designs with accuracy, because every step of the production process, including powder coating, is consistently carried out by our expert staff. In this way we guarantee customized products that meet every need. People like me, who work at All Sun Technics, are accurate, hardworking and passionate: many of us are looking for new innovations every day to improve the quality of our existing products and to develop new designs that translate into beautiful products .

What is the difference between a freestanding pergola and a regular pergola?

The main difference between a free-standing pergola and a pergola cover is that a free-standing pergola does not need to be attached to a house. This does not mean that free-standing pergolas cannot be attached to a house. A free-standing pergola can certainly be attached to a house and serve as an extension of your living space. Both solutions can integrate LED lighting, heating elements or can be closed with sliding glass walls or side walls that protect you from the wind, creating a space where you can spend evenings in early spring until late autumn.

Product information

How much does an All Sun Technics products cost?

De prijskwestie is absoluut de vraag die ons het vaakst wordt gesteld en het is om bepaalde redenen moeilijk om u nauwkeurige kosten te geven: De eerste is dat alle All Sun Technics-producten perfect op maat zijn gemaakt, volgens een assortiment dat kan variëren van een enkele meters tot zeer grote oppervlakken. Zonder de afmetingen te kennen, kunnen we geen exacte prijs berekenen. Een andere variabele is het dakbedekkingsmateriaal dat u kiest, de kleuren, accessoires en de soorten dakgoten die de prijs kunnen veranderen, ongeacht de maat van de luifel. Vervolgens moeten we de installatievoorwaarden evalueren: is er bijvoorbeeld een fundering voor de palen? Hellende vloeren? Hoeveel posts moeten er zijn? Omdat de verschillende omstandigheden van het gebouw de keuze van het ene product boven het andere en de kosten ervan kunnen beïnvloeden. Dus de beste manier om een ​​realistische prijs te krijgen, is door contact op te nemen met de dichtstbijzijnde All Sun Technics-partner en een aangepast project aan te vragen op basis van alle variabelen van uw specifieke geval. Om de dichtstbijzijnde All Sun Technics-dealer te vinden, kunt u het formulier op onze website invullen.

Who are your dealers and where can I buy All Sun Technics products?

An All Sun Technics dealer is our specialized, certified and authorized dealer. If you contact one of them, you can be sure that they have taken part in our training and are therefore product specialists: they know what can be the best solution for you; they can tailor a project and install all our products with precision and punctuality. You can also contact them for maintenance and assistance. There are plenty of All Sun Technics dealers all over Europe: finding the nearest dealer is very easy, just go to the All Sun Technics site, click on "contacts", select that you are a "private" person and enter your location and request. We will review your request and forward it to one of our dealers near you. They will contact you to assist you with your request.

Prices and estimates

How can I clean my pergola without damaging it?

The first golden rule is to use only water, neutral soap, and a soft-bristled brush. I do not recommend the use of pressure washers or solvents because they are very aggressive on the profiles and on paint: you risk ruining it and irreparably damaging it. If you need a specific product, you can contact the nearest All Sun Technics dealer directly: they will provide you with the one that suits you best or they can even provide a dedicated maintenance service directly.

Do I have to do anything special to protect the pergola in winter?

Nee. Al onze producten zijn ontworpen, gemaakt en behandeld om lang mee te gaan, ook tijdens de wintermotten en negatieve temperaturen.

I would like to replace the plates because the pergola structure still seems to be in good shape. Is that possible? Who should I consult?

Ja, de platen kunnen worden vervangen. U kunt er bijvoorbeeld ook voor kiezen om over te schakelen van polycarbonaatplaten naar glaspanelen. U kunt eenvoudig een contactformulier invullen op onze "Contacten" -pagina en de All Sun Technics-dealer zal contact met u opnemen.



How does the All Sun Technics warranty work?

All Sun Technics pergolas and structures have a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Which defects are not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not recognize defects and limits of plates such as: plates turning green, damage from storm or hail, any damage caused by a customer, including scratches. In addition, placements and adjustments made by unofficial All Sun Technics dealers are not covered by the warranty.

What is mandatory maintenance?

Mandatory maintenance will result in the product being "serviced" under the conditions set forth by the manufacturer, the All Sun Technics reseller, to continue the warranty.